ASME B31.3 is a code for process piping. This Process Piping Code is a Section of The American Society of Mechanical Engineers Code for Pressure Piping, ASME B31, an American National Standard. It is published as a separate document for convenience of Code users.

As we discussed, the code edition applicable to your exam window has to be verified before starting the preparation for the API 570 exam.

For the exam seasons from June 2021, 2018 edition of ASME B31.3 is applicable as per the API 570 exam publications effectivity sheet published in the API website.

There will be a good number of questions from B31.3 in the open book exam. Only some areas of B31.3 has to be studied for the exam, which is given in the Body of Knowledge (BOK) published in the API website.

As per BOK, the following areas are to be studied for the exam.

A.1 :    Weld joint quality factors and casting quality factors

A.3 :    Internal Pressure / Minimum thickness of pipe

A.4 :    Pressure Testing

A.5 :    Impact Testing

A.6 :    Preheating and Heat Treatment Requirements

A.7 :    Thermal Expansion

A.9 :    Minimum required thickness of a permanent blank

II B :   The inspector should be familiar with and understand the general rules for welding in ASME B31.3, Chapter V such as, 

1. Typical joints and definitions

2. Weld Sizes

3. Restriction on Joints

4. Maximum allowable reinforcement

5. Inspection Requirements

6. Preheating and Heat Treatment

The areas of B31.3 that are not covered in the exam is also given in BOK.

First we will go through each areas that are to be studied for the exam and then rereview each areas based on the questions asked in previous years.

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